“His phenomenal gifts are a natural expression of an intelligent,

compassionate heart, and his wonderfully relevant stories

need to be heard in these troubled times –

now more than ever.”

– J. Paul Getty Museum –

Share the Beauty and
Pain of One Man’s
Journey into

The richness in your choice
of words and rhythm shows that
we ourselves have entered with you
a place where time moves differently.

Janet Pankowsky
Storyteller, Mexico

A sample of music spoken about in "Road of Ash & Dust"

E.L. Cyrs

E.L. Cyrs

Author & Speaker

“For me, words are more than symbols on a printed page. They possess textures, tones and power. My fascination with reading and writing started before I knew the alphabet, sitting at the bedside of my 100 plus year old great-grandfather. I would sit there, enthralled, watching and listening as he breathed life into words through stories, sermons and, sometimes, songs. My fate was sealed long before I reached the age of reason.

Road of Ash & Dust: Awakening of a Soul in Africa is a chapter in the saga of my life begun so many decades ago.”


Many writers feel themselves teetering on the precipice of psychosis when immersed in their craft. I’m one of them.

I don’t suffer from dissociative identity disorder, nor have I ever had whole conversations with myself (well, ok, maybe… but that’s just part of my creative process).



I’ve often been embarrassed in conversations with other writers when the topic turns towards our respective processes. I love listening to others enthusiastically articulate their techniques for getting the best of themselves onto paper. I’ve even tried out some of these processes, but with very little success.