Baba’s wife takes over the June 1, 2009 Timeless Tales podcast with listener questions for Baba. Send the questions you would like asked to No question is off limits, be creative!


An opening tale for all you teachers out there, a true to life tale telling tip, a microcosmic-macrocosmic Timeless Tale, the Proverb of the Day, a request you write me a review on iTunes and the obligatory closing.


shooting commercials with animals is never a good idea when trying to promote your music and stories that are available for digital download at (simply click on the link to “The Storytelling...


Earning my grey hairs, Reading Listener Comments, Thanks for the iTunes reviews (I want more), A breathless Tale Telling Tip, Timeless Tale, Proverb of the Day and a short announcement to purchase my digital downloads at, on iTunes or Amazon...