elcyrs_obsessive_500x300pxI woke up on the 24th excited to spend the day checking the metrics on my BuckBooks Deal. I can be somewhat of a data wonk when I’m not in my creative head. I had done a ton of research (I.e. Hours of Googl’ing) to check out what experiences other indie authors were having with BuckBooks and was satisfied that they were a decent investment.

At 10:09 am I got the following email from BuckBooks:

“Our writer made a mistake with the links on today’s broadcast and the first two books listed go to the same book. The problem is that the duplicate link replaced the link to your book. 

Will you be able to keep your book 99¢ through tomorrow? If so, then I will make sure to send out with tomorrow’s broadcast. If not, then I will give you a refund and the next time you are able to do a 99¢ promo again we will do it for free (just make sure to respond to this email at that time). 

I am really sorry about our mix up. Let me know if we can run your book tomorrow.”

After letting loose a primal yell that set the dogs in my neighborhood barking, I relaxed. On the scale of life-issues, this was a minimal “First-World” kinda of issue. I was disappointed but not distraught. I wrote back:

“No problem Cherub, mistakes happen. Tomorrow will be fine. Thanks for alerting me before I hit send on my social media campaign.

I appreciate what your doing for indie authors.

E.L. Cyrs”

A few more back and forth with emailing and we were set for the next day. If you are an Indie Author you know there is no lack of work to be done and so I transitioned into one of the other various jobs that we DIY’ers are required to take.

A thought kept gnawing at me throughout my workday. I kept thinking, “Will they use the same ad copy for the corrected link tomorrow that was used in the corrupted link today?”

I thought to email them back to make sure but my logical mind kept pushing me further into the work in front of me. There was no way that they would send the same wording to the same list. People having clicked on it the previous day might not be willing to click on it again, especially if they weren’t alerted that there had been an error. I put it out of me mind.

The next day I woke with just as much enthusiasm as the previous and this time, the email to BuckBook’s list came at 6:00 am. I opened it to click on the link to my campaign and there it was; the exact same ad copy as the previous day. My heart sank. There was no way that the numbers were going to be reflective of a true statistical mean with corruptions in the variable (oops… sorry, that wonky side began to surface).

Did I blame BuckBooks? No. I actually appreciate the service that they are providing Indie Authors. Who do I blame for this error? Me, myself and I. My intuition told me to contact them to make sure the ad copy was changed and I didn’t.

In this Indie world of Authorpreneurship we are all a team, disparate elements all trying to coordinate our respective roles successfully.

The day ended just as I thought. A total of seven digital units were moved and the following day that number dropped to three. I wasn’t shocked or surprised.

The lesson I will carry away with me from the BuckBooks Campaign is that I must be a more staunch advocate for my brand/product and image. I shouldn’t dismiss the creative and intuitive impulses that help to guide so many of us.

I can say that my BuckBooks Campaign crashed and burned but I walked away with some very  valuable insight.




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