yinyang_500x300pxI am possessed by two distinct personalities. Personality #1 loves the solitude and hermitage of the writing process and would prefer never to venture out beyond the mailbox of his home. Personality #2 is an egregiously extroverted performer who loves exploring the world and devouring all that it has to offer.

I am me but, also, we are we. Confusing, I know. The introverted me follows the extroverted me around, journaling, chronicling, and recording with deep fascination.

The extrovert has allowed me to make my living touring the world as  Baba the Storyteller. I am always perplexed at how two such opposite personalities can inhabit the same body.

This confusing dynamic of interchangeable personalities has given me more material than I could ever dream of writing about in one lifetime.

E.L. Cyrs believes he is nothing like Baba the Storyteller and Baba scoffs at the idea that he is anything like Cyrs.

Robert Louis Stevenson may have been on to something.

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