elcyrs_obsessive_500x300px“I got a Bookbub!” A few of the most joyful words we indie authors can shout. My first time out of the gate as a published indie author I had the temerity to audition (because that’s what it feels like) for a BookBub promotional deal for my new book Road of Ash and Dust: Awakening of a Soul in Africa. I, quite literally, didn’t possess a granule of hope of actually getting it. What happened? I got it!

Here is the potential issue. This BookBub promotion will either be the greatest of all time or an epic flop. Why?

My BookBub is happening the week of November 7. Election week!

I have no hair to pull out or else I would be doing it. I can’t quite find my balance on realizing whether this is going to be a success or failure. Will people be buying books during election week? Will they be so caught up in the election that I won’t get a single sale?

The alternate narrative is that this election has driven people to escapism and book sales will be through the roof.

I’m going to proceed with all the requisite pre-planning of a highly motivated authorpreneur. I’m not going to leave anything to chance. I’ll be opening up a Facebook ad a few days before the BookBub to give my book a little Amazon algorithmic shuffle. I’m also going to be blogging the entire campaign.

I have no idea what our current political climate will do to my BookBub but we’ll find out starting November 7 when it starts.

I’m so open to any suggestions from my fellow indie authors out there. What would you do if you were me? How would you approach this BookBub. Please share your wisdom, I’m drowning in self-doubt here.



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