elcyrs_obsessive_500x300pxI wish I had the ability to proceed into he process of writing in an organized, clinical manner but that has not, nor will it ever be, me.

I have had the basic of writing down since the 70’s.  I’m inspired by an idea that won’t leave me alone (#1 plan the writing). Giving in to inspiration I, quite literally, throw everything that is in my head onto paper, into Scrivener or MS Word without the slightest concern for grammar, punctuation, or spelling (#2 write the first draft). After this point, I walk away because I can’t stand to see what I’ve just done. I’m actually always disgusted by the scrawling laid out before me. Eventually, I return and hunker down to trying to figure out what I was really trying to say and make it more coherent (#3 change the writing to make it better). Once I start, I get sucked into the process of rewriting and can’t escape. I continually find errors, make changes, improve voice, etc. I have gone as far as to make more then 20 to 30 drafts of an entire chapter (#4 check the writing).

Step #5 of the writing basics is where I’ve usually faltered. Step of Mrs. Bagsby’s 4th grade writing class said we are supposed to publish and share what we’ve written. If you are as obsessive as I am then “nothing” you’ve ever written will feel ready for step #5.

I have come to grips with he fact that I am an obsessive writer and the only treatment is to face Step #5 fearlessly.

If you think you might be an Obsessive Writer then you can join me at ObsessiveWriter.com where we can share in our obsession together.

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